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Diesel 10 is a villainous diesel with a roof-top hydraulic grabber titled "Pinchy", who appeared as the second antagonist in the Mozenrath Thomas film and the main antagonist in the video game sequel.


Diesel 10 is based on a BR Class 42 "Warship" with an added non-regulation illegal modification hydraulic claw dubbed "Pinchy". Diesel 10 is painted olive green with tan stripes.


Diesel 10 was an evil, conniving, bullying, murderous and psychotic demon in the form of a diesel. He absolutely despised steam engines, and would call them taunting names like "puffball" and, in Toby's case, "teapot". He is Sodor's strongest, but not quite largest, diesel, his power being enforced by Pinchy. He can use this deftly, and even used Pinchy in an attemp to kill Gordon. With the exception of P. T. Boomer and Devious Diesel, everyone on Sodar fears Diesel 10.











  • [Tim Curry] was originally considered to perform Diesel 10, but Mozenrath decided to cast an American actor for Diesel 10 to referr to the American making Thomas and the Magic Railroad a film-flop. Kelsey Grammer won the role after Mozenrath saw a Thomas-Simpsons parody on YouTube were Diesel 10 was portrayed as Sideshow Bob.